Unsui Macrobiotic Tekka Miso Organic 75g


-Tekka should be used sparingly since it is concentrated and strong.
– Ready to use.
-Delicious sprinkled on grains, rice, noodles and vegetables.

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Tekka is a rich, hearty and concentrated condiment that is moist yet powdery. Clearspring Tekka, also known as Miso Condiment, is made using time consuming and laborious processes: first gently sautéing chopped burdock root, carrot, and lotus root in unrefined sesame oil. Hatcho (soya bean) miso is then added followed by six hours of simmering where all the liquid evaporates leaving a condiment deeply black in colour while crumbly and semi dry in texture. Chopped ginger is added towards the end of cooking for additional flavour.
Specially formulated by George Ohsawa the founder of modern macrobiotics to enhance the balance of a grain and vegetable based diet and counteract the effects of highly processed and refined foods.
The Japanese do not have a tradition of sprinkling raw salt on their food, instead they prepare condiments in which salt is either cooked with other ingredients or roasted and ground prior to use. Tekka is prepared in this tradition with its saltiness coming solely from hatcho miso.
Tekka should be used sparingly as it is very concentrated and flavourful.


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