Venta Airwasher Review by TBAN founder Gina Yong

Gina Yong in the house. Founder of The Breastfeeding Network Advocate ( TBAN ). With decades of experience in breastfeeding subject under her belt and a very caring person in nature.

Let’s hear what she got to say about Venta Airwasher and the reasons she chose Venta Airwasher as her ideal choice for air cleaning device.

✅ Made in Germany
✅ Eco-friendly
✅ Sustainable
✅ Eliminates 99.99% viruses & bacteria
✅ Sanitize, Purifies & Humidifies indoor air
✅ Zero Filter
✅ Low energy consumption
✅ Last for a lifetime

Cleanest air is not filtered, but washed!

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