Unsui Macrobiotic Organic Hira Bancha Roasted Whole Leaf Tea 100g

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-Best Tea for blood purification / detoxification and also very good for detoxification of the intestine.
– Supports blood-thinning and helps against blood clotting.
– Strongest anti acid Tea (Alkaline Tea) of all green teas.
-Best Green Tea for skin problems (eczema, atopic eczema, cradle cap, psoriasis , acne, itching, itchy scalp) especially in babies, infants and children.

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Sannen Hira Bancha has a high proportion of stems and is roasted then fermented. Thus compared to most other Japanese Green Teas, the process is considerably longer and more complex. The tea has a dark brown color. It is considered a rarity in Japan and the best quality ones are highly sought after and always sold out. The tea, as such, is almost unknown outside Japan.
The tea is especially recommended for people who take a lot of sugar, sweets, alcohol, drugs, oils, and dairy products. It is also very valuable for vegans / vegetarians who consume a lot of Yin-heavy foods.
Sannen Hira Bancha is one of the big three combined healing teas for the treatment of hang-overs after alcohol abuse and blood clearance after drug use (cocaine, heroin, ecstasy / MDMA, amphetamines and marijuana), especially on the day following consumption.
In respect of taste it is smooth, soft, earthy and warm and is characterized by a pleasant toasty aroma. When cold it tastes particularly refreshing, especially in summer. With longer steeping times at higher temperatures it is even stronger and more round- bodied. It is perfect for everyday enjoyment as well as being a therapeutic support as part of a health “cure”.
Sannenbancha has nearly no caffeine content due to the high proportion of stems and the long fermentation. The same applies to the otherwise abundant Tannins found in green tea, which in some cases may have an irritant effect on the intestine and the mucous membranes. The strong positive effects as a general health tea can be improved even further when taken in combination with various other traditional teas.


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