Venta-Air Washer Lw45


-Air cleaning up to 10μm particles (e.g. pollen)
-Natural pollutant reduction
-Pollen and house dust can be reduced from the room air
-Compact and economical; also suitable for larger rooms

The Venta LW45 Airwasher is compact, economical, and ideal for small or large rooms. In your living room or office, it fulfils two functions at once: The LW45 humidifies dry air and cleans it at the same time. In doing so, it functions completely without filter mats. The ambient air is fed into the device and through a disc stack that rotates in water. Pollen and house dust can be reduced from the room air.
The water captures even particles as small as 10 µm (10/1000 mm). At the same time, purified water is evaporated on the exchanger surfaces. This is performed with what is recognized as the best method: cold evaporation. The advantage for you is that it prevents any particles whatsoever from being released into the ambient air. The result is that there are no lime deposits and thus no need for lime cartridges. This dispenses with such methods as atomization or forced evaporation, which can result in over-humidifying. And the ambient air is always correctly humidified.
The Venta LW45 functions hygienically and is easy to clean. The electrical system and fan can be lifted out of the housing in a single motion for easy cleaning. There are no filter mats to become dirty and require disposal.
The device is fantastically simple to operate and control. Its construction is robust, making it very durable. The uncomplicated technology allows the addition of fragrance and freshening agents without impairing the device’s cleaning and humidifying functions.


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