Titi Eco Multi Sprout Nutri Meal Btl 650g


The germ is the part of a plant where the shoots germinate. It is the source of life and cream of the crop as far as nutrition is concerned. Before the grains, seeds or nuts germinate, they will undergo a ‘hybernating’ stage where a kind of enzyme inhibitor will be used to protect the nutritional value of seeds.

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5 Organic Germs
-Black sesame germs – improves osteoporosis, nourishes the blood and promotes better eyesight.
-Black bean germs – Improves kidney deficiency and detoxifies.
-Red bean germs – nourishes the blood and activates heart function.

-Brown rice – rich in vitamin Bs & Es, a brain tonic.
-Oat – reduces blood lipid, improves constipation.
-Wheat – protects the heart & nourishes the kidney, anti-carcinogenic.

-Chinese Cabbage, Spiny Pigweed, Carrot, Chinese Mustard, Chinese Kale, Lettuce, Lady Finger, Long Bean, Cucumber, Silk Gourd, Sweet Corn & Sweet Potato.
-The source of health & longevity, contain all major nutrients essential to human body such as vitamins, minerals & chlorophyll. Good for slimming, beauty and cancer prevention


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