• Earth Organic Organic Raw Cane Sugar 1kg (New)


      -Chemical free
      -Non GMO
      -Rich in Nutrients

    • Radiant Baking Powder Aluminium Free 200g


      -Non GMO
      -Does not contain aluminium as aluminium is said to be dangerous to health and Alzheimer patients have abnormally high levels of aluminum in their brain.

    • Radiant Organic Brown Sugar (Demerara) 1kg


      -Blood to nourish the liver, slow and pain relief
      -Spleen and warm stomach, cold and blood stasis
      -Suitable for cold colds, stomach cold pain for those to eat
      -Suitable for low blood glucose eaters

    • Radiant Organic Unbleached Cake/Pastry Flour 1kg


      -Made from Rosella soft variety wheat with a protein level of 8% .
      -This flour has a lower protein and lower gluten content than other wheat flours.
      -Produced by stone-milling, the bran and germ has been shieved off.
      -Retains a substantial proportion of wheat’s nutrients, although some of the dietary fibre is lost by removing the bran.

    • Radiant Organic Unrefined Sugar 500g


      -Made from 100% certified organic evaporated sugar cane juice.
      -This unique “first crystallization is minimally processed and is a delicious sweetener to enhance your favourite recipes.”

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