Greek Yogurt 希腊酸奶

Greek Yogurt 希腊酸奶

Greek Yogurt is also known as Mediterranean-style yogurt made of either from partially condensed milk or by straining whey from plain yogurt to make it thicker and creamier.


  • Probiotic supports a healthy bacterial balance in gut
  • Higher protein amount
  • B12 helps in red blood cell formation
  • Calcium maintains bone health
  • Phosphorus builds strong healthy bones



  • 蛋白质含量较高
  • 益生菌帮助维持肠道的健康细菌平衡
  • B12有助于红血球的形成
  • 钙维持骨骼健康
  • 磷建立强健的骨骼

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