What is the perfect complete protein?

Ezyprotein! A certified organic, sprouted, bio-fermented, raw, wholegrain brown rice protein powder.

Do you know what the functions of protein are?

Protein is the building block of every cell in our body and is vital for:
✔️ Growth and maintenance
✔️ Creation of structural components of body tissues such as muscle, skin, nails and hair
✔️ Boost and balance energy levels
✔️ Strengthen immune function
✔️ Aid in the repair and recovery of the body after exercise, injury or illness

Feature of Ezyprotein

👍 Easy for the body to absorb and digest because bio-fermentation process
👍 100% vegan
👍 High in plant enzymes and phyto-nutrients
👍 Naturally free from gluten, dairy, lactose, soy, have no added sugar
👍 4 types of flavours are available including natural, chocolate, vanilla and wild berry





✔️ 成长与维护
✔️ 创造身体组织的结构成分,例如肌肉,皮肤,指甲和头发
✔️ 增强并平衡能量水平
✔️ 加强免疫功能
✔️ 在运动,受伤或生病后帮助修复和恢复身体


👍 由生物发酵过程,易于人体吸收和消化
👍 100%纯素
👍 高植物酶和植物营养素
👍 自然不含麸质,乳制品,乳糖,大豆,不添加糖
👍 四种口味可供选择,包括天然,巧克力,香草和野莓

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