ume plum

    • Unsui Macrobiotic Ume Plum Vinegar 300ml


      -Product of Japan
      -Description: 120-days pickled ume plum juice unpasteurized.
      -Ingredients: Ume plum, sea salt, red shiso leaves
      -Uses: Use in cooking, pickling salad, or as a drink.

    • Unsui Macrobiotic Umeboshi San With Shiso 16g


      – Dried plum balls made from 100% pure dried ume plum and red perilla leaves. No additives, colourants and preservatives.
      – Alkalizes an over-acidic blood condition, prevents indigestion, stress relief, strengthens inner energy, prevents candida fungus infection, prevents dizziness or nausea.
      -Take one to two pieces at each time. Convenient to use when travel.

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