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    • Dr. Ros Enzyme Floor Cleaner 950ml


      -No synthetic colorant.
      -Free from chlorince, phosphate, parabens and sulfates.
      -Suitable for all type of surfaces.

    • Dr. Ros Enzyme Laundry Detergent 950ml


      -100% Natural essential oil.
      -No synthetic perfume and colorant.
      -Free from chlorine, phosphate, parabens and sulfates.
      -The mild nature does not affect the fabric of clothes aand colors

    • Dr. Ros Enzyme Liquid Dishwash 950ml


      -100% Natural essential oil.
      -No synthetic perfume and colorant.
      -Free from chlorine, phosphate, parables and sulfates.
      -Avoid water pipes blockage

    • Dr. Ros Enzyme Massage Cream


      -Protect skin.
      -Nourish skin and promote blood circulation.
      -Renew skin from within the cells. Skin is more delicate and smooth.
      -Relief and soothes muscle pain caused by intense movement or inflammation

    • Dr. Ros Enzyme Multi Drop 15ml


      – Food-grade formula,
      – 100% natural
      – No added preservatives and coloring

    • Dr. Ros Enzyme Spray 60ml


      -100% natural ingredients.
      -Nourishing and moisturizing, leaving skin firm and toned.
      -Natural skin care, helps to reduce acne, dark spots, acne and bruises
      -Nourish and moisturize skin, relieve fatigue

    • Dr. Ros Enzymecare Body Wash 275ml


      -Gentle and clean, does not irritate the skin, suitable for sensitive skin and baby
      -Natural nutrients make the skin complexion whiten, flexible and elastic
      -Promote cell metabolism nutritive absorption and transformation
      -Longer period of fighting bacteria, reduce body odor and infection

    • Dr. Ros Enzymecare Facewash 140ml


      -Gentle and deep cleansing function
      -Can be used as makeup remover
      -Prevent bacterial folliculitis, reduce acne-caused inflammation
      -Promote skin cell metabolism and regeneration

    • Dr. Ros Enzymecare Hair Shampoo 275ml


      -Mild and gentle suitable for normal hair.
      -Nourish hair, reduce hair loss and damage ends and induce hair growth;
      -Strengthens the hair from root to end; leaving the hair soft, healthy, shine, smooth and volume;
      -To restore the balance of the scalp sebum, reduce oil or dry scalp.

    • Dr. Ros Graceful Enzyme 500ml


      -Improve the body metabolism.
      -Act as Natural antibiotic; it has a role of anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect.
      -Eliminating waste from the blood vessel and free radicals.
      -Improve digestion system and increase absorption.

    • Health Paradise Virgin Coconut Soap Bar 100g


      -Health Paradise Virgin Coconut Oil VCO Soap Bar is suitable for all skin type including sensitive skin.
      -It is made with essentially pure ingredients to nourish, moisture and cleans your skin effectively.
      -Gentle and safe for sensitive skin as it is fragrance-free.
      -With regular use, it can help to protect and maintain soft, youthful and beautiful skin. Free from SLS/SLES, parabens, phosphates.

    • Health Paradise Wood Vinegar Dishwashing(Apple) 1Liter


      -Wood vineger is a natural compound derived from wood which is environmental friendly.
      -It is well known for it’s antimicrobial properties for being able to control the growth of harmful fungi, bacteria and yeast.
      -Wood vineger is effective to get rid of ants ,cockroaches,fly, other house pest and eliminating foul smell.

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