• Earth Living Ginger Black Molasses Powder 600g


      -Soothe digestive disturbances
      -Alleviate nausea great in early pregnancy
      -Calm coughing and respiratory troubles
      -Stimulates the circulatory troubles

    • Earth Living Raw Cane Lump Sugar 1kg


      -Earth Living’s raw cane lump sugar is a natural unrefined sugar that is made from sugar cane.
      -It retains the brown hue because that is essentially the ingredient that is refined out to make molasses.
      -One teaspoon of Earth Living’s lump sugar contains 25 calories, where as one teaspoon of white granulated sugar only contains 16 calories.

    • Earth Living Raw Red Cane Crystal Sugar 800g


      -Earth Living’s raw red cane crystal sugar is a natural unrefined sugar that is made from red sugar cane variety.
      -Using a more nutritious red sugar cane, this beautifully crystallized sugar is started with molasses crystal seed that further enhances its nutrients value.
      -It provides a pleasant sweetness with smooth caramel notes to your tea and dessert.

    • Radiant Active Dry Yeast 80g


      Radiant Active Dry Yeast is widely use to rise dough for baking bread, rolls, cake and any type of risen bread.

    • Radiant Baking Powder Aluminium Free 200g


      -Non GMO
      -Does not contain aluminium as aluminium is said to be dangerous to health and Alzheimer patients have abnormally high levels of aluminum in their brain.

    • Radiant Organic Brown Sugar (Demerara) 1kg


      -Blood to nourish the liver, slow and pain relief
      -Spleen and warm stomach, cold and blood stasis
      -Suitable for cold colds, stomach cold pain for those to eat
      -Suitable for low blood glucose eaters

    • Radiant Organic Unrefined Sugar 500g


      -Made from 100% certified organic evaporated sugar cane juice.
      -This unique “first crystallization is minimally processed and is a delicious sweetener to enhance your favourite recipes.”

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