Sannen Bancha 三年番茶

Sannen Bancha 三年番茶

Introducing Macrobiotic 3-year Sannen Hira Bancha tea. The Famous Japanese Medicinal Tea originates from Shizuoka, Japan!

Macrobiotic tea is effective for blood purification, stomach detox, skin problems, diabetes, metabolic problems, heart disease, radioactive contamination.

Benefits of Hira Sannen Bancha tea
👍 Best Tea for blood purification / detoxification
👍 Supports blood-thinning and helps against blood clotting
👍 Strongest anti acid Tea (Alkaline Tea) of all green teas
👍 Best Green Tea for skin problems
👍 Supports the liver and kidneys
👍 Strengthens the heart / circulatory system
👍 Very good for normalizing blood pressure (too low or too high)
👍 Excellent for intestinal problems
👍 Excellent for sufferers of type 2 diabetes and in support of the pancreas
👍 Stimulates the metabolism for those with anorexia and obesity
👍 Helps in the prevention of Senility, especially supports thinking power, awareness, creativity and memory
👍 Relieve insomnia

Who should take Sannen Hira Bancha
– People who take a lot of sugar, sweets, alcohol, drugs, oils, and dairy products.
– Vegans / vegetarians who consume a lot of Yin-heavy foods

Sannen bancha has nearly no caffeine content due to the high proportion of stems and the long fermentation.

How to prepare Sannen Hira bancha tea
Take one to two tablespoonful of the bancha tea leaves, pour one litre boiling water of 80C over, and steep for 3-5 minutes. Strain before use. Bancha tea leaves can also be boiled with water on medium flame over a gas stove.



👍 最佳血液净化/排毒茶
👍 支持血液稀释,有助于防止血液凝结
👍 所有绿茶中最强的抗酸茶(碱性茶)
👍 皮肤问题的最佳绿茶
👍 支持肝脏和肾脏功能
👍 增强心脏/循环系统
👍 非常适合使血压正常化(过低或过高)
👍 非常适合肠道问题
👍 非常适合2型糖尿病患者和胰腺问题的患者
👍 刺激患有厌食症和肥胖症的人的新陈代谢
👍 帮助预防衰老,尤其是支持思维能力,意识,创造力和记忆力
👍 减轻失眠

– 摄入大量糖,糖果,酒精,药物,油和乳制品的人。
– 消耗大量阴重食物的素食主义者/素食主义者


取一到两汤匙的bancha茶叶,倒入一升80℃的开水,浸泡3-5分钟。使用前要过滤。 3年平番茶也可以在煤气炉上用中火煮沸。

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