OHMS Probiotics OHMS益生菌

OHMS Probiotics OHMS益生菌

OHMS Probiotics (Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics)
✔️ World’s popular premium probiotic supplement
✔️ The only soft gel in the world to contain live friendly bacteria
✔️ 5 years of natural fermentation process
✔️ Probiotics + 18 amino acids, 9 vitamins & 5 minerals

Proven to
1. Reduce purging and increase weight gain
2. Shortened duration of cough
3. Reduce infection and shortened wound healing time
4. Inhibition of Helicobacter pylori
5. Prevent recurrent urinary tract infection (UTI)
6. Enhance fitness
7. Increase bone density
8. Increase platelet count and normalize hematocrit in dengue fever
9. Reduce fungal infection

*OHMS is known as OM-X in Japan, Philippines and U.S.

✔️ 世界上流行的优质益生菌补充品
✔️ 世界上唯一含有活细菌的软胶
✔️ 5年的自然发酵过程
✔️ 益生菌+18种氨基酸,9种维生素和5种矿物质

1. 减少泄泻并增加体重
2. 缩短咳嗽的时间
3. 降低感染和缩短伤口愈合时间
4. 抑制幽门螺杆菌
5. 预防复发性尿道感染(UTI)
6. 提升健康
7. 增加骨骼密度
8. 增加血小板数量并使登革热中的血细胞比容正常化
9. 减少真菌感染

*OHMS被称为OM-X in Japan, Philippines and U.S

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