Manuka Honey 麦卢卡蜂蜜

Manuka Honey 麦卢卡蜂蜜

Manuka honey is a monofloral honey, produced from the nectar of flowers of Manuka tree. Manuka honey contains an unusually high level of methylglyoxal (MGO). It is important for honey’s antibacterial activity. Different MGO levels serve different functions!🍯🍯

MGO 100+ (Minimum)
Supports immunity and enhances general well-being.

MGO 250+ (Strong)
Supports resistance and recovery from minor health issues – gastric, acid reflux, heartburn, sore throat, diarrhea, indigestion, etc.

MGO 400+ (Very Strong)
Supports resistance and recovery from more serious infections – H. Pylori and IBS, stomach ulcer, etc.

MGO 550+ (Super Strong)
Potent antibacterial action to support intensive treatment of more challenging infections, acute conditions and chronic wounds.


MGO 100+(最低)

MGO 250+(强)

MGO 400+(非常强)

MGO 550+(超强)

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