Magnesium 镁

Magnesium 镁

– aid in muscle relaxation
– support bone health
– protect against hypertension

Signs & symptoms of deficiency
– anxiety
– poor sleep quality/ insomnia
– muscle tension

Product recommended: Salumag

Feeling stressful or anxious? Having poor sleeping quality/insomnia? Suffering from migraine headaches on and off? Or having frequent muscle tension/ cramps?

Try Salumag! A botanical beverage with chamomile flower extract, pineapple juice and honey which is high in magnesium where magnesium aids in muscle relaxation and helps to relieve stress! It contains chamomile flower extract which helps to stay calm and relieve stress!

– 帮助肌肉放松
– 支持骨骼健康
– 防止高血压

– 焦虑
– 睡眠品质差/失眠
– 肌肉紧绷




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