Kudzu 本葛

Kudzu 本葛

Kudzu is a plant belonging to the pea family. It is a high-quality cooking starch or jelling agent. Kudzu can be dissolved in cold water. Upon heating, it thickens. It can be used as thickener.

Health Benefits of Kudzu:
• Effective in treating minor indigestion & symptom of common cold
• Effective in relieving intestinal discomfort
• Control desire for alcohol & eliminate hangovers
• Help soothe emotions
• Reduce stress
• Relieve muscle pain
• Lower blood pressure & cholesterol
• Stabilize blood glucose


• 有效治疗轻微的消化不良和感冒症状
• 有效缓解肠道不适
• 控制对酒精的渴望并消除宿醉
• 帮助抚慰情绪
• 减轻压力
• 缓解肌肉疼痛
• 降低血压和胆固醇
• 稳定血糖

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