Good Oil 好油

Good Oil 好油

Essential fatty acid are vital for our body to function. They cannot be produced by our body and must be taken from our daily diet.

Omega 3

  • For proper fetal development
  • Important for eyes, brain & heart

Omega 6

  • A balance in omega 3 & omega 6 is important in maintaining cardiovascular health

Omega 9

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Reduce bad cholesterol

Did you know? Omega 3 and omega 6 are essential fatty acids (EFA) that cannot be produced by our body and must be taken in from our daily diet. The EFAs intake among Malaysians are insufficient & imbalanced.

Why is essential fatty acids (EFAs) important?
• EFAs are important for brain development especially foetus & infant.
• Enhance children’s concentration & learning capability
• Reduce anxiety
• Help to retain moisture & for hormone regulation
• Reduce bad cholesterol

Who needs EFAs?
• Foetus/ Infant, Childrean, Adolescent
• Female
• Pregnant Mother
• Menopause Women
• Middle age/ Elderly

You can obtain a balanced ratio of omega 3 & omega 6 from Udo’s oil! An award-winning Foundational Omega 3 & Omega 6. It is produced from unrefined blended vegetable oil which is certified organic ingredients & made in Canada. 


Omega 3

  • 对于胎儿发育有帮助
  • 对眼睛,大脑和心脏很重要

Omega 6

  • Omega 3和 omega 6的平衡对于维持心血管健康非常重要

Omega 9

  • 降低发炎
  • 减少坏胆固醇

你知道吗?Omega 3和Omega 6是必需脂肪酸(EFA)是不能由我们的身体产生,必须从我们的日常饮食中摄取。大马人的EFAs摄入量出现不足和不平衡的现象。

• 对大脑发育重要尤其是胎儿和婴儿
• 提高儿童的注意力和学习能力
• 减少焦虑
• 帮助保持水分和调节荷尔蒙
• 减少坏胆固醇

• 胎儿/婴儿,儿童,青少年
• 女性
• 孕妇
• 更年期女性
• 中年/老年人

你可以从Udo油中获得Omega 3和Omega 6的平衡比例!Udo油更是屡获殊荣的基础Omega 3和Omega 6。它由未经精制的混合植物油制成,这种植物油是经过被认证的有机成分并在加拿大制造。

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